The Way We Live Now


The Way We Live Now is an ongoing and iterative public art project that creates large-scale portraits of a particular place via collaboration with the local artists of that area. The project can travel to any city or town, or indeed any place where there are people to bring together to create a work that celebrates it.

The project’s process involves various steps: Dyad collect initial photographic portraits of the people that make the city what it is – anyone from well-known faces around town to tourists and holiday makers, and everyone in between. The portraits are then given to local visual artists to respond to. The artists are invited to collaborate with digital artists, bringing the work to life in a way that can be shown on appropriate scales around the city and capture public attention. After this, other practitioners are encouraged to join, from writers to poets and performers, culminating in a trail across the city, involving light and projections of the developed portraits onto important or celebrated local architecture.

The Way We Live Now’s first outing was in Norwich, where Dyad collaborated with 4 visual artists across various disciplines, and then 3 digital artists who accentuated those re-translated portraits with moving image. Dyad then projected these moving installations onto the local arts centre, whilst recordings of a poet performing work written in response to the projections was played alongside.