Dove Street Studios


Dove Street Studios is Dyad’s current home, meaning that there’s something of everything that Dyad have done manifested in the space. From making their own work and the daily running of Dyad to the fostering of residencies, leading workshops across all age ranges, developing in-depth relationships with and offering support for local artists, creating events, talks, collaborations with outside organisations and working with students from Norwich University of the Arts, Dove Street stands as a testing ground, an active work in progress, a professional artist community, an ever-evolving and adaptable space to take in and offer back art for the locality and beyond.

Dove Street has maintained a residency programme across its years of operation: artists are provided with a substantial period of time at the studios, where they are invited to respond to and make use of the space in whatever way they wish whilst being provided with support in whatever form they need, from creative advice to social media and marketing to funding application assistance, and more. These residencies create strong and ongoing relationships with local contemporary artists, giving them the time, space and support they need to bring new and evolving ideas to the city.