Video Documentation

The Way We Live Now is a visual art project aiming to engage with the community and architecture of a given city, to provide a free cultural experience showcasing emerging artists. This site specific project works with the public, inviting residents to interact with the space they live in and the people they live with. The audience is invited to discover the response of artists in the form soundscapes and animated portraits of the surrounding community. These sounds and projections are presented at locations across the city centre including landmarks, small shops and historic buildings.

The Way We Live Now has so far been funded at Research & Development stage by Arts Council England and supported by Norwich Arts Centre, Norfolk & Norwich Festival and Writers Centre Norwich. We took photographic portraits of a selection of communities across the city. We gathered the majority of portraits through several open events at public places and workshops lead by artists. In the second stage of the project we commissioned visual and digital artists to collaborate on a response of the portraits. Each response was presented in a secret location alongside a sound piece responding to the work and the space.

This R&D has allowed us to extend our collaboration with artists, creative organisations and our local audiences. We aim to develop this project further in Norwich and beyond.

The visual artists: Laura Jones, Anthony Zinonos, Josef Mounser and Anmar Mirza
The digital artists: Nathan Clarke, David Drake and Marcus Williams
The writer: