Thirteen A

Thirteen A Hannah, Tony & Theo

Dyad Creative is temporarily using 13a as a residency space for local artists. Aiming to encourage the development of new creative projects, 13a is a blank canvas for artists to take over. Working closely with each artist, Hannah & Théo offer help and advice where needed with different aspects of their practice or the development of the project undertaken while in residence. Aiming to create an active place with new artists investing the space on a regular basis, 13a is a small intimate space that allows artists to develop projects using its layout from floor to ceiling whilst the public see the evolution of their work from the street window.

Dyad Creative encourages all artists to propose ideas that they wish to make happen, with a focus on contemporary practices.

13a is located on St Augustines Street, Norwich. The space is 3.6m deep, 2.7m wide and 2.9m high.

Residencies are £70 per week.

To apply for a residency contact Hannah & Théo:

To use 13a as an exhibition space contact Tony:

Dyad Creative also has a residency space at Dove Street Studios

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Twitter: @13a_residencies
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