Dyad Creative - Hannah and Theo
Photograph by Andi Sapey – http://www.andisapey.co.uk/

Dyad Creative is a Franco British collaboration founded in 2014 by Theodora Lecrinier and Hannah Turner Wallis. Dyad Creative’s practice focuses on the visual arts and contemporary performance. In questioning what performance is, they explore notions of communication and social engagement through diverse art projects and the running of creative spaces in Norwich.

Interested in the performative nature of everyday activity, their practice is involved with the process of making and interaction with space and people. As artists, collaboration is at the heart of their work with each other, with other artists and more, allowing the relationships to drive their ideas forward.

As managers of Dove Street Studios and The Barber Shop, Théodora and Hannah provide a platform for artists to develop their practice, with affordable spaces for performance, residency, studios, courses, workshops and facilitating new projects, inspired and driven by space, audience and active practice.



The Team