Photograph by Andi Sapey – http://www.andisapey.co.uk/


Dyad Creative is the name of the artistic and professional partnership between Hannah Turner Wallis and Théodora Lecrinier.

Marked by an attention to the boundaries between making, performance, administration, curation and collaboration, Dyad Creative exists at the intersection of these disciplines, encompassing the work made by Tuner Wallis and Lecrinier together as a duo as well as the work achieved in collaboration with others and the residencies, events and projects facilitated by the pair as managers and administrators of various creative spaces.

At the heart of this shape-shifting activity is an ethos formed by the friendship between the two artists, both present and collaborating on each and every venture Dyad Creative embarks upon.

Thanks to this continuous shuttling between roles as practising artists, co-ordinators of spaces and collaborators on projects, Lecrinier and Turner Wallis have gained a wealth of experience in many aspects of contemporary artistic life including arts education, event co-ordination, artist development, the organisation of community projects and an ongoing engagement with what it takes to survive as an artist in the current landscape.

In particular, Dyad has an expertise in the establishment and management of artistic spaces and studios, offering consultancy, guest curatorship and creative advice. The pair has seen this form of work open onto many areas and have subsequently been involved in various local, cultural and governmental schemes and creative policies: they have run several studios in Norwich, travelled to Berlin, Lyon and London for research and formulated educational courses and commissions for Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge.

Alongside their ongoing exploration into the creative potential and dynamics of space, Théo and Hannah allow the matter of what it takes to be an artist today to run through both their creative and administrative output as theme and as ethos, constantly seeking to perform every aspect of Dyad Creative’s work with a care for the interpersonal and interdisciplinary nature of art-making.