Dyad Creative - Hannah and TheoPhotograph by Andi Sapey – http://www.andisapey.co.uk/


Dyad Creative is a Franco-British collaboration comprised of Théodora Lecrinier and Hannah Turner Wallis. Founded on a common principle of communication stemming from individual backgrounds of Théo being French and Hannah being deaf, their practice focuses on visual arts and contemporary performance, with an emphasis on the essence of language. In questioning what performance is they explore themes of curation, spatial awareness and audience experience through diverse art projects, and social engagement with the running of creative spaces.

Collaboration is a core element of their work, allowing for ideas to be driven forward by evolving relationships. Since meeting each other through art school in Norwich in 2014, Hannah and Théo have been engaging in collaborative projects together. These range from intimate performances to dynamic events involving entire communities. Within their practice they simultaneously operate as facilitators, instigators and as artists in their own right, roles that they consider equal and complimentary.

Through collaboration and cross-disciplinary engagement, they have developed core strengths in; provision of open-access workshops, facilitation of arts education with practitioners and students, and talent development for local artists. Having worked with organisations such as; The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (Norwich), Leicestershire City Council, Firstsite (Colchester) and Lycée Dumont d’Urville (France), Hannah & Théo have developed a portfolio of experience in working with audiences of all ages, means and backgrounds.

As managers of Dove Street Studios, a studio and project complex nestled in the heart of The Norwich Lanes, Théo and Hannah provide a platform for artists to develop their practice, with affordable space for residencies, studios, workshops, performance, creative events and the facilitation of diverse projects inspired by space, audience and action.


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